Using Gator Blades with a Mulching Kit? Here’s the Deal

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Gator blades are some of the most efficient lawnmower blades on the market. They have sharply curved edges that slice the grass multiple times for the closest, smoothest cut. However, many owners want to know if these high-end blades would work for mulching. After all, a fine mulch layer is optimal for oxygen penetration and moisture retention.

You can use Gator blades with a mulching kit if you choose the mulching blade style. Gator blades come in high lift and mulching variants. Mulching Gator blades slice the grass and spread it around the lawn to improve the soil’s nutrient density and grow new grass in no time.

In this post, we’ll break down whether or not you can use regular blades with a mulching kit, how high lift blades affect mulching, and how you can mulch with Gator blades.

Can You Use Regular Blades With a Mulching Kit?

You can use regular blades with a mulching kit as long as they’re the correct dimensions. While you won’t get a fine cut as you would with mulching blades, using regular blades on a mulching kit can save time and money. Furthermore, regular blades can mulch better if the grass is shorter than four inches.

According to Humphrey’s Outdoor Power, you can use regular blades with a mulching kit if there’s a big enough discharge. If your mulching kit doesn’t have a discharge (which plenty of them don’t), then you should opt for mulching blades. Regular blades will get the job done, but the grass won’t look or feel as even and smooth as it should.

Furthermore, mulching with regular blades can shorten their lifespan. Regular blades are supposed to cut large amounts of grass. If they spin without cutting enough grass (including when using a mulching kit), they could overheat and corrode. Mulching kits are typically lower than regular lawnmowers, which traps the excess heat under the deck.

The good news is that you can use regular blades for mulching on a regular lawnmower. While they might not work with a mulching kit, they’re fairly effective for casual mulching. If the lawn is too tall (over four or five inches), cut the grass an inch or two lower, then switch to the mulch setting on your lawnmower.

Can You Use High Lift Blades for Mulching?

You can’t use high lift blades for mulching if you want to prevent clogs, uneven mulching, and clumps around the lawn. High lift blades are specifically designed for mowing the lawn and potentially discharging if you have a higher side discharge. They’re too powerful and high for mulching most lawns, though.

Review this list of what happens when you mulch with high-lift blades:

  • Lawnmower Guru explains that a high-lift blade’s curve sends debris much higher than it should. In fact, it’s the opposite of a mulching blade. Mulching blades are supposed to be lower, so the grass goes back to the lawn, not up into the deck.
  • You’ll undoubtedly find clumps of grass and leaves in the mower’s deck (or under the mulching kit). High-lift blades are great for some discharging lawnmowers, but they’re not the best for mulching. They can cause lawn-term damage, including rust, overheating, and more.
  • High lift blades focus on lifting and slicing the grass, not mulching and putting the grass on the lawn. In other words, trying to mulch the grass with high-lift blades won’t provide as much nutrition for the soil as mulching with mulching blades. You’ll be holding many of the grass blades, limiting the nitrogen and carbon in the yard.

Are Gator Blades Good for Mulching?

Mulching Gator blades are good for mulching but regular Gator blades aren’t. If you want to use Gator blades for mulching, always stick to the models designed for the job. Mulching requires fine cuts that fall back onto the lawn. Regular Gator blades are too high for this task.

There are several types of Gator mulching blades, including the Hustler Raptor Gator Mulching Blade Set that is available on These blades have a sharp curve that lifts and cuts the grass, creating a level lawn with plenty of mulch. They come in numerous sizes and shapes, so make sure you choose the set for your mulching kit or lawnmower.

Gator blades can be very effective for mulching. However, you need to choose the kind that’s made for mulching. Gator blades come in all sorts of shapes and sizes for numerous applications. Pick the mulching set that matches your lawnmower or mulching kit, then refer to the following video for impressive results:

Are Gator Blades Good for Mulching Leaves?

Gator blades are good for mulching leaves because they dice the leaves and blow them back onto the grass. Dead leaves have a lot of carbon and nitrogen, both of which improve the soil and grass. Attach the gator blades to your lawnmower and push or drive them over the leaves at a slow pace.

Follow these steps to mulch leaves with Gator blades:

  1. Attach a set of mulching Gator blades to your lawnmower or mulching kit (you can also use high-lift Gator blades for mulching leaves if you have a side discharge).
  2. Slowly push or ride over the leaves to prevent them from moving around too much.
  3. Go over the same area twice since dead leaves often shift and won’t break apart on the first trip.
  4. Enjoy the countless nutrients in the soil from the mulched leaves.

This method is much more effective, efficient, and time-saving than raking leaves. Your lawn will also greatly benefit from the process.

If you prefer a video guide to this tutorial, check out this YouTube clip:

Final Thoughts

High lift Gator blades aren’t the best choice for mulching kits because they send clumps of grass into the deck. However, you can use Gator mulching blades to get the job done. These blades work on mulching kits, lawnmowers, and riding mowers. Furthermore, they have sharper blades than regular mower blades, making them more efficient for mulching.

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