Mulching Kits & Mulching Blades: Are They Worth It?

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Keeping your yard looking its best is more than a pastime for some people – it can nearly be a full-time job. Thankfully, there are some simple steps you can take to improve the way your lawn looks that can reduce workload down the line. One of these methods is mulching, but are mulching kits and blades worth it?

Mulching kits and mulching blades are worth the investment if you want to keep your existing lawn mower but add mulching capabilities. Purchasing a mulching mower will be your best option for mulching while mowing your lawn, but mulching kits and blades are also great options.

This article will examine mulching blades and kits, how they may help you maintain your yard if they are worth the investment, and how they measure up against regular blades.

Benefits of Using Mulching Kits

Mulching kits are a helpful addition to nearly any lawnmower if you want to convert your standard equipment into a 3-in-1 device. Mulching kits include mulching blades and a plug or plate to help keep the grass inside the mower until it is a finer consistency for releasing onto your yard.

Here are the main benefits of using mulching kits on your lawn mower?

  • You will get optimal mulching performance from your lawn mower. Simply attaching a mulching blade to your lawnmower will not guarantee that you are getting the best mulching abilities from your mower. A mulching plug helps keep the grass inside the lawnmower deck and enables you to get the best results from your lawn.
  • You can use it on the equipment you already own. Whether you have a push mower or a tractor, there are kits that you can buy for products that you have in your garage already. You can get high-quality mulching results without having to buy a new lawn mower.
  • Your lawn will look better. Mulching is an efficient way to maintain your yard’s beautiful appearance. Because it finely shreds the grass before it returns to the ground, you won’t have the annoying clumps you get from standard mowers.
  • Mulching is fantastic for your yard and the planet. Not only does mulch help your grass grow better, but it also eliminates waste and can even help prevent fires.

Drawbacks of Mulching Kits

As beneficial as mulching is for your yard, mulching kits have some issues that you will want to consider. When deciding whether you wish to buy a mulching kit, you should determine if it’s appropriate for your needs. 

Here are some factors that could make mulching kits problematic for you:

  • They can be costly. Mulching kits are yet another item you must buy for your lawn mower. If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to consider whether a mulching kit’s speed and efficiency are worth the device’s cost.
  • They don’t work effectively if the grass is too long or wet. To work correctly, you should use mulching kits on short grass. Your mulching plug can get clogged if the grass is overgrown or if it has recently rained.
  • You need to maintain the mulching kit for optimal performance. The mulching kit is another piece you’ll need to clean out and maintain to get proper use. If you’re keen to decrease your yard work, a mulching kit might be something you want to avoid because it will require keeping the blade sharp and the plug clear of debris.

Is a Mulching Plug Necessary?

Mulching blades are what get the grass short enough to be considered mulch, and they are optimized by the mulching plug if the two are used together. But do you really need a mulching plug?

Mulching plugs are not absolutely necessary, but they help get the best performance from your mulching blade. You can use mulching blades with lawnmowers that discharge from the side or have a bag attached.

Mulching plugs keep the grass in the lawn mower deck longer, leading to a finer cut for your mulch that blends into your grass better and helps feed your soil. Nonetheless, using a mulching blade without a plug is better than not using one at all.

Using a Mulching Blade Without a Mulching Plug

It’s not necessary to buy a complete mulching kit to attach a mulching blade to your lawnmower. You can simply replace your traditional one. Some reasons that you may want to install a mulching blade without a plug include:

  • Maintenance
  • Cost
  • Time

If you want to give your lawnmower the ability to mulch but want the quickest and most affordable option possible, then simply buying a mulching blade may be your best choice.

You can get good mulching blades here on Amazon or here at Walmart, or at most local hardware stores around the corner. Just make sure that you select the right size for your brand.

Is It Better To Use a Mulching Blade or Regular?

Many homeowners may wonder if a mulching blade is worth it for them. Depending on your goals and environmental conditions, there may be some confusion about the best choice. So, is it better to use a mulching blade or a regular one?

It’s better to use a mulching blade for the overall quality of your lawn. Mulching blades can keep your yard looking better over time than a regular lawn mower blade. Mulching a lawn is also better for the environment.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons using a mulching blade is better:

  • Mulch is excellent for your yard and can save you money. When you turn your lawn clippings to mulch, you get free fertilizer. This means that your grass can grow greener, and you can save some cash in the process.
  • You are reducing waste. Mulch is an excellent fertilizer for your soil and helps keep grass clippings out of your trash bin and the water supply. Not only will you be helping the environment, but you can also save on your garbage bill.

Final Thoughts

Mulching kits and mulching blades are a worthwhile investment for your lawnmower. You can get many of the perks of a mulching lawn mower without having to replace the equipment that you already own. 

Assuming it fits within your budget, you will have a better-looking yard and reduce waste in the process by adding these attachments to your lawnmower.

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