Can You Mow the Lawn With a Strimmer?

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Mowing the lawn is one of those tasks that you have the right to love and hate at the same time. Yes, it is on a Sunday morning, and it is quite repetitive, but also allows you to enjoy the sun shining on your lawn. Hiccups can happen, and a lawn mower might end up not starting at all – luckily, that does not have to stop you. 

You can mow the lawn with a strimmer. However, you must pick a model that is not extremely powerful or heavy. Indeed, evenly cutting the grass requires you to have steady hands and control. Cutting the grass with a strimmer can take longer due to the reduced size of the trimmer’s blade.

Read on and start working on your lawn in just a couple of minutes.

How to Mow the Lawn With a Strimmer

Mowing the lawn with a strimmer – or weed whacker – if you don’t have a lawnmower is possible. However, before attempting this task, it is essential to keep in mind that strimmers are very different from lawnmowers. 

While the first ones are designed to cut grass evenly, the latter are the ones used for the final touches of garden landscaping or to clean a garden edge. Therefore, strimmers are heavier, boast smaller blades, and they are hard to balance. 

If your lawn is small and compact enough and you have had years of practice with this machine, you should try to cut the lawn. However, if you have never tried using a strimmer before, you might need to consider waiting until the lawnmower is fixed!

Otherwise, you might end up with the weed of your garden cut unevenly and messily. Lastly, if you have never held a strimmer, you should keep in mind that the limited safety measures and the tool’s power make it particularly dangerous for those who are not experienced in gardening.

You can find more info about the grass cutting technique to use for the best results in the video below:

Lawn Mower vs. Strimmer

Looking after your garden can be an exciting and relaxing hobby. However, it is necessary to have all the right tools to shape the bushes, flowerbeds, and grass precisely as you want. Lawnmowers are undoubtedly the best piece of equipment you could use to level the grass and make your garden look new again. 

However, it is not unlikely for an old piece of equipment to not start or not work correctly. Luckily, other pieces of gardening equipment like a strimmer or weed-wacker can help you.

Nonetheless, amateur gardeners should keep in mind that trimmers are different machines that involve great safety hazards if not handled correctly. Taking all the precautions and going ahead with the job only if you are fit for it is essential. 

Lawn Mower

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Lawn Mowers are pieces of equipment specifically designed to help you cut the grass of your lawn and garden. While the technology behind these machines is advanced, new models are slowly starting to include different modes and options. 

However, the reasons why this is still the preferred machine for cutting grass are:

  • You don’t need to lift it off the ground – this takes away the responsibility of balancing the blades
  • It is complete with wheels for better balance and maneuverability
  • Includes all the safety measures to be used around kids and pets
  • Includes larger blades to cut more grass in shorter time frames
  • Can help you optimize energy use


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Strimmers – or weed whackers – are different-looking devices that can be extremely powerful. Used in landscaping and garden designing, strimmers come with different engines that are fueled by various substances. 

Usually, these pieces of equipment are characterized by a long handle, a smaller, round blade, and a series of protective measures. 

While strimmers can be infinitely powerful, they are not comfortable machines for everybody. The characteristics of this machine are:

  • Long handle to reach hard-to-reach places
  • Difficult to balance to cut all grass evenly
  • It requires the gardener to be fit enough to hold it for prolonged time frames
  • The blade is smaller for precision cuts, not for prolonged use

Considerations About Using a Strimmer to Mow the Lawn

If there is no machinery left for you to use and the grass needs to be cut, you might decide to proceed with your strimmer. Below you can find some tips to keep in mind before switching your machine on.

  • Strimmers have fewer safety precautions than lawnmowers – the blade is actually exposed in some models, which can make this machine dangerous for kids and pets. Ask your little ones to stay indoors while you are cutting the grass.
  • Ensure you are fit for the job and consider finishing a second half another time – this allows you to rest your arm without having to rush to finish the job. The blades of the strimmers will make the job much slower, be prepared for it!
  • Use a strimmer only if your lawn is small – a more extensive lawn will require you to keep mowing with the strimmer for many different times. And the possibility that the result will be pleasing would diminish.
  • Pick an adequate strimmer – opt for a strimmer that is not particularly powerful. Ideally, electric machines will be the perfect choice to mow the lawn. These are usually not ideal for strimming because they are not as powerful as gas-fuelled ones. However, in this case, they can actually be much more helpful!

Tasks You Need a Strimmer For

While cutting the grass might not be what trimmers are designed to do, there are other tasks for which you can put your strimmer to use. Here are some examples to try!

You Can Use It for Edging

Summer is here! With it, your garden is likely to be full of flowers and blossoms. Use your trimmer to cut the edges of your flower beds to recreate a design. Whether you have only a small garden or a large one, edging can create an elegant pattern without much effort. 

Ensure you are not cutting away too much! You will always have to look after the part you have cut off. If you are not too much into garden maintenance, make sure your laws do not require a lot of attention.

Trimming Is What Strimmers Exist For

If you have some grass and weeds growing wildly and ruining your garden’s look, it is time to use your strimmers. The shard, powerful and blessed are ideal for cutting off stubborn grass growing on your garden’s awkward areas.

When using the strimmer, make sure you are wearing all the necessary precautions, and you have asked your kids and pets to stay away from the area where you are cutting the grass.

Get the Sun to Shine Again on the Walls and Paths

If the walls and paths around your garden have slowly been claimed by nature, it is time to cut off the weed growing on them and restore their original look. The grass and plants are likely to come back, but your walls need fresh air to stay healthy. 


If your lawnmower is out of use, cutting the grass of your lawn with your strimmer, it is possible. However, strimmers are much heavier devices not designed for prolonged use in even surfaces. Instead, their main purpose is to help landscapers to create shapes and define edges. 

Therefore, strimmers are heavier, more powerful, and require you to hold them up off the ground. Unless you are suitably fit and experienced, using a strimmer to cut your grass will leave you with an unevenly cut grass and a sore arm!

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