Are You Supposed to Tip Your Landscaper? What To Consider.

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Many people wonder if tipping is necessary and if it’s expected from particular service providers. However, tipping is customary and according to a person’s habitual practice and is generally not an expectation from landscapers.

You’re not supposed to tip your landscaper. Some landscaping companies may even have a “no tipping” policy, so if you choose to tip a landscaper from a company, first ask the manager if their staff can accept tips. Other than that, you are more than welcome to tip if you choose to.

I’ll further explain a few topics related to this question, including: 

  • When you should tip.
  • How much you should tip.
  • What else you can offer to your landscaper if tips are against the company policy.
  • The tipping etiquette in different states.
  • What not to do when you are tipping your landscaper.

Should You Tip Once a Year Or Every Time They Visit?

You don’t need to tip every time they visit you. A seasonal tip would be more practical if you have ongoing services with a landscaping crew. If you regularly see the same landscaper who consistently does work you’re satisfied with, a seasonal or holiday tip would be appropriate and appreciated. 

However, some companies send out a crew based on who is available, so there’s a chance you won’t get the same team or worker all the time. 

If different landscapers are doing work for you every time, you can skip the tip.

Tipping is also more appropriate when you receive ongoing services instead of a one-time job. They are a great way to express appreciation for consistently well-done work and an even better way to encourage the landscaping crew to keep up the excellent work if they are allowed to accept tips.

How Much To Tip Or Not To Tip When You Have a Big Project?

When you have a big project, a $20 to $60 tip at the end of the year is enough for big, laborious projects. Also, a $15 to $50 tip to your regular landscapers as a “thank you” during the holiday season will suffice. 

Tipping for landscaping is not the same as the restaurant industry’s tipping etiquette, so you don’t need to tip 10-20% of the bill’s total cost. 

The amount that you choose to tip is entirely up to you. Landscaping is expensive as is, and the price range is typically between $4,000 to $20,000 depending on what the project entails and what materials are used. 

Landscaping companies generally pay their crew well, so tipping is merely an option, not an expectation.

If you have one landscaping professional consistently doing the job, anywhere from $15 to $50 is enough to express your appreciation. When it comes to a crew doing your landscaping, it would be best to give each team member a smaller tip of $5. 

Again, landscapers are paid well depending on their expertise and years of experience, so a tip isn’t a requirement. If a landscaper is demanding a higher tip, do not hire them again as they lack professionalism. You also don’t want to hire a landscaper again if they take three times as long as normal to complete a job, especially if they charge you by the hour.

What Else You Can Offer Landscapers If Tips are Against Company Policy

Landscaping can quite often be labor-intensive, as some duties include removing trees, mowing lawns, and weed-whacking. That said, there are a few other things you can offer your landscapers. 

These include:

  • If it’s a hot day, the crew/contractor would appreciate something cold to drink. You can offer cold water, lemonade, soda, or iced tea. Anything cold to combat the heat will do.
  • You can offer snacks or food if they have been working for hours on end. Chips, pretzels, fruit, or a small meal like some pizza or sandwiches would be much appreciated by your landscapers. They’re sure to be hungry if they’ve been working for hours under the scalding sun.
  • You can offer access to a shaded area for them to sit and enjoy their food when they are on break. The landscapers have been under the sun for a while, so they’d like some time in the shade during their break.
  • If the company has a website, they’d appreciate a favorable review if the team did a good job. Positive word-of-mouth is another option if you don’t leave a review, and you can recommend their landscaping services to family, friends, or colleagues.

Are There Different Etiquettes in Different States?

There are different etiquettes in different states for tipping, especially in the restaurant and hospitality industry. However, etiquette for tipping your landscaper is relatively the same throughout the US. 

The following is a list of the tipping etiquette in various states of America:

  • California (Population: 39,237,836): A 15-20% tip is generally expected at restaurants, not so much for other rendered services.
  • Texas (Population: 29,527,941): The general tipping standard is 20% of the check, but tipping is not mandatory.
  • Florida (Population: 21,781,128): The standard tipping amount is 15-18%, while 10% is the lowest.
  • New York (Population: 21,781,128): For New Yorkers working in the hotel, restaurant, and driving industry, tips are an essential part of their income. A 10-25% tip is expected from service workers.
  • Pennsylvania (Population: 12,964,056): The minimum tipping amount in PA is 15%.
  • Illinois (Population: 12,671,469): A 15% tip can be given for satisfactory service.
  • Ohio (Population: 11,780,017): The average tip is 16.7%.
  • Georgia (Population: 10,799,566): The average tipping percentage is 10-15%, 20% for great service.
  • North Carolina (Population: 10,799,566): A 10% tip minimum is generally expected even if the service wasn’t great.
  • Michigan (Population: 10,050,811): In general, a 15% tip of the bill is the norm.

The list above shows that the general tipping standard ranges from 10-25% of the total bill. However, this doesn’t always include landscaping services. 

Landscapers aren’t paid a minimum wage and don’t have to rely on tips as a part of their earnings. Some landscapers may even be entrepreneurs, so in that case, you wouldn’t need to tip them at all, because you generally don’t tip an entrepreneur. 

What Not To Do When Tipping Your Landscaper

When you tip your landscaper, ensure you don’t do the following:

  • Don’t give each landscaper a different amount. Tip fairly and give everyone the same amount. Tipping some workers more than others could cause problems for you and the landscaping crew.
  • If tipping is against the company policy, don’t insist on giving the landscapers a tip. Don’t offer tips if you know the landscapers’ company forbids tipping. Offering a tip when the company prohibits it puts the crew in an awkward position as they’ll have to refuse. If they accept the tip despite it not being allowed, they could potentially lose their job if the manager finds out.
  • Don’t inform the crew that you will be tipping them. If the landscapers are aware that they’ll be receiving a tip, it defeats the purpose of a tip being encouragement and praise for good work. Letting them know beforehand that they’ll receive a tip may even bring down their quality of work.
  • Never offer a tip if you’re unaware of the company’s policy towards tipping. Make it a habit to always ask the company’s owner or manager about their tipping policy before the crew visits you to do work. Enquiring beforehand can save you and the landscaping crew an awkward situation.
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